Galerie 4
Cette galerie présente quelques toiles qui illustrent des poèmes anglais qui ont été publiées dans le livre "Harveting The Leaves" écrit par Mellina April
Barnett et sorti en juin 2006 chez Old Eden Publishing Co., Angleterre.
The Night Angel
Huile sur toile
16" x 20"
She, the Butterfly

In slow, thought
She shadowed across the Earth
Her colours laying her to fade from the eye against
the might of the flowering wild
She titled, and with a softness hoped for warmth as
she rested in still
Wise and graceful, her heart beat with rhythm to
the flick of her wings
Time near, my love, time near over
Duty left as memory for Springtime to thank her
and with the last sparkle of life dust left in the air,
her little spirit sang to reborn
She, the butterfly,flew with her soul away
The butterfly lived her life
In Nature's way

Mellina Barnett

©2006 Christiane Doré / Mellina Barnett. Tous droits réservés.
She, the Butterfly
The Night Angel

The African sky slips gently behind the velveteen glove
of night
Shyly, the pearl face of the moon drifts into the Angel's
Beckoned on by Nature's breath, she has wishes to fulfil
See her beauty, as with a glowing aura she steps from
one life to another
The air still and touched, as silver dust drops from her
fingers and over the Earth
She has been sent to the trusting world as they sleep in
her prayers
Smiling softly at each dreamer, her comfort wings lead
her to another
She touches the palm of the newborn
Strokes the brow of the elder
And holds tight to her heart the lonely
With clarity and peace she sings to the sick as they
dream for the tomorrow
Loving with no boundaries, she warms with her trust in
Praying that they learn another lesson
She whispers for them to inhale each moment and
cherish the sent day
And as she steps gracefully back into God's arms, she
turns and kisses her cares
And heals the Earth ready for the morn.

Mellina Barnett

             ©2006 Christiane Doré / Mellina Barnett. Tous droits réservés.

We can nurture and we can guide when called
Hope and Destiny are planted like seeds upon
fallow ground
If but few may listen and grow from the faith we
have in them,
For we know then our voices have been heard, and
our touch felt
Through the trials of stormy weather and soulless
empty days
We shine the light from our love to guide and
encourage growth
And like vines around the simple Crook and Staff,
with time,
all will learn to take hold tightly
Faith is strength that can be hidden
But it is your faith in others, yourselves and your
Lord that truly lights
the way

Mellina Barnett

©2006 Christiane Doré / Mellina Barnett. Tous droits réservés.
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